Hello there and welcome to Ceb's Models the online home of my Card Model creations.

I originally started designing these easy build kits to amuse myself many years back, I had wanted a 1/24 scale model kit of a Renault 19 and there were none on the market so I decided to get to work on creating my own one. I had seen some great results from card modelers in Germany and Holland and knew that card models could look excellent and realistic to boot.

Once I had completed the prototype of the Renault 19 I tried my hand at some MK2 Escort rally cars, then some Quattros. Someone suggested to me that most people don't want to spend half their day building a card model and I should try and make simpler versions that would appeal to everybody not just modelers. So I set about simplifying some of the designs to use less components and be easier to assemble, sure enough folk liked them and some years ago I began selling them online.

Over the next few years I designed over one hundred different model cars focusing originally on Rally and BTCC over time I spread out to old affordable classics too.

Having had a lot of practice my next endeavour is to create model ferries, it has been going well. There are now twelve ferries available in the collection too and I plan to add many many more over the next while

I know I can't quit the day job based on the occasional sale of a card model but I am thankful for every one that does sell and I sincerely hope they bring the buyers as much joy as they did me. Every model I advertise for sale I have previously built (probably more than once) so I'm always happy to offer guidance through my Facebook page where I'm available most of the time.

I focus on making these models as simple and enjoyable to build as possible for beginners and advanced modelers or just fans of cars or ferries using minimal materials: A scissors and some Pritt Stick will do but I recommend using a ruler to get fold lines straight too.

Anyhow please feel free to browse the site, the facebook page or my eBay shop and hopefully you'll see something you'd like to build.

Thanks for stopping by